Future Projects

Now that Whiff is off the ground, I’m turning my focus to other projects.  I have choices to make.  I have 50k words on a novel called Fly By Night which I set aside a number of years ago.

Daniel is a 30-something computer programmer whose life has so far been a series of fortunate events. His friends and family consider him to be lucky. To them, he just seems to sail through life. In fact, his nickname is “Lucky”. Well, Daniel’s luck is beginning to run out. His marriage is falling apart. His career is stalling. He can’t deal with his two children. He feels alone and depressed. Daniel is losing his way…that is, until he encounters a guide. This guide isn’t a therapist, a pastor, or a guru. In fact, Daniel’s not even sure if it is human. And now, Daniel has a night job and a new direction.

I have 12k of a novel written called Bay City Runaway

Brian is a lonely drunk living in San Fransisco escaping a painful past.  He gets entangled with a teenage runaway named Amy.  The two runaways make it through with each other’s help

And I have an outline for a journalist mystery set in the south.

A reporter discovers the truth about his southern home town when he uncovers its dark secret

Fly By Night has problems to be solved before I can continue.  The other two are in good shape for excellent novels.  I’ll be choosing one soon for my next project.  Wish me luck!