Bay City Runaway: Chapter 9 and Thank You’s!

We are moving right along with BCR and my readership is small but steady. I’ve lived with these characters for a long time now and I believe in them. I miss writing them. I hope that you give them a try!

I want to give a shout our to a few of my readers. Thanks Ed A. Murray, Scott Kixmiller, and Kentwayne for the follows! Check out their sites!

On with the show!

I kept the details of my evening at Heath’s apartment to myself over morning coffee with Amy. I didn’t really believe what Sri Ravi had said, but there was something about the encounter which had stuck with me. Something about the way I had felt. For just a few moments, I had been at peace, the peace that I had been looking for in one-night stands, booze, and pills. I hadn’t known just how profoundly discordant my mind and body had become until that moment when Sri Ravi gave me his blessing. I wanted more, but I didn’t know how to get it, and it was sure as shit not going to come from a guru. I just couldn’t see myself become a devotee of this guy. I thought of how Padma had rolled her eyes over Heath praying so much with his guru. I found myself agreeing with her, and yet I could not shake the feeling that I had stumbled upon something important. read more