What to expect from this site in 2021

For years, this site has been primarily a platform to advertise my publications and share an occasional blogpost, and I’ve used other sites to post actual literary content. But for 2021, I want to change that!

I am moving my existing web serial/novel content to davidwilsonburns.com. I sell much of my writing in traditional book form, but I also just like to share it for free on the web. The main thing I want is readership, and so beginning yesterday, I am publishing several works as a weekly (or more) serial. There will be both old content and brand-spanking new content.

I don’t consider myself a single-genre writer, so you will find a variety. One drama (Bay City Runaway). One Comedy (Friend of the Family). One dystopian (Underground Tourist).

I hope you find something you enjoy, and I hope you engage me and other readers as you read. That’s the fun of a serial posted by the author!