Writing Year in Review – 2020

The number 2020 will go down as a year of infamy no doubt. Any good in this year will likely be overshadowed tough times, but I think it is important that we still find a way to be grateful and lift up the positive aspects of the year.

Quarantine has brought out the creativity in folks including me. I played and sang music like crazy, for example.

It was also a banner year in my writing life. In the early stages of shutdown, I took a good look at my existing writing works and did a little quarantine cleaning. I edited new editions of all my books with new cover art and a million fewer typos. I edited my blog, My Wife Says I’m Complicated into a new book, which is offline for just a little while.

I dusted off the last draft of my unpublished first novel, Bay City Runaway, cleaned it up, and formed a beta reader group to get it ready for publication. Made some key changes and self-published it. First novel! Woo hoo!!!

Then, wonder of wonders, the chief editor of Kentstead Media remembered something I wrote years ago and reached out to me to discuss publication. She offered me a contract to produce Whiff into a new novel, A Whiff of Life and Death and my SECOND novel came into being, and now, I can add traditional publication to my resume.

I’ve begun a new novel and two new serials (A Friend of the Family and Underground Tourist).

And now, I’ve revamped my author website with new a design, and made it into a platform for original serial content.

2020 will go down for me as the year I decided to take myself seriously as a writer/author–the year I gained the courage to say I’m not an amateur with no professional aspirations but a writer who’s ready to GO FOR IT.

I will not be sad to see this year go, but I have so much to be grateful for! Including YOU!

I want to give a quick shout out to a few of my new followers for 2020.

America DeFleur is a former foster youth and self-published author emerging out of Sacramento County. Aside from writing, America works a local nonprofit agency and enjoys providing support services for underserved youth and families. She loves creating opportunities to help enrich the lives of others. You can find her wandering the beach, snapping photos, eating truckloads of avocados or glued to the end of a paintbrush. Visit her at www.americadefleur.com

Michael Reyneke is a veteran software engineer and SAP wiz, and a writer! Check him out at mike47ebooks.com

Joseph D. Newcomer is an author of speculative and literary fiction. He was born in the blue collar Northwest Pennsylvania city of Erie in 1980. Currently, he resides in the Arizona desert where he continues to write his follow up novels. Look him up at josephdnewcomer.com

Ritisha describes herself as “simply a teenager with an avid interest in all things writing.” ritisha.blog

Lucid Being has an awesome art website worth taking a look at. Their slug line is “Compassionate toward oneself, we reconcile all inner, and the universe – from within.” – Nice!

Inner Peace is trying to bring peace into the world with Inner Peace (home.blog)

Vinayak  (aka Rain Alchemist) is a dreamy poet and writer. Check out his poem about the recent astrological occurence. Lovely!

Welcome Haris Usmani!

Nandita (aka readwithnandy) describes herself as a writer, blogger, and philosopher and that her writing is “all about love, life, and my stories”. readwith😊🤗Nandy – Writer, Blogger and Philosopher (home.blog)

Thank you all!!! Find your gratitude and move forward into 2021. And don’t forget to eat your black-eyed peas!!!