New Serials for the New Year!

As promised, I am delivering new literary content at! If you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably know about Bay City Runaway, which I’m offering here now. But what about the rest?

Let’s start with Fly By Night.

Fly By Night has been stashed away for years, unfinished, but I think it will make a great serial to both excite and inspire in an age when we all need a sense of direction and well-being.

Daniel is a young software engineer in a major city. He suffers mightily with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is beginning to take its toll. His wife, Ashley, is at her wit’s end and reaches out to a friend for help. Daniel finds himself at a mansion retreat and a meditation group. A mind-blowing spiritual encounter sends him soaring with a mysterious spiritual being who has an extraordinary new job for him.

Perhaps you are looking for a comedy? Try A Friend of the Family

Everest Clutterbuck, a freelance appliance manual writer, attempts to balance his need for anonymity and solitude with his need for human interaction by attending the funerals of strangers in his spare time. Posing as a friend of the family, he has become a connoisseur of the funeral service–the ushers, the music, the ministers, and especially the eulogies. But his fears of being known are realized when he discovers that he is not the only funeral crasher in the sprawling Oklahoma City Metropolitan area.

Or how about a near-future dystopian thriller? Try Underground Tourist

A couple of IT guys working for the state bank uncover a secret underground tourism network. Why is it secret? Because a political regime has shutdown what used to be the U.S. borders and have even shut down local tourism except for an elite few.

Although some of you may know Bay City Runaway because I published it as a novel last year, I’d like to offer it here as a serial. I love this book and these characters and I believe you will, too.

James, a thirty-something software wiz with a drinking problem, runs away to San Francisco to escape a tragedy in his home state of Oklahoma. In front of his favorite pub one night, a teenage girl with a nasty bruise on her face asks for a cigarette. He sees her several more times and gives her food and smokes. She appears to be living on the street, running away from abuse. Late one night, the frantic teen, Amy, shows up at his China Town apartment. Having nowhere else to go, she seeks shelter and protection from her abuser, who could show up at any time. They form an unlikely and complicated friendship.

This serial brings to vivid life the struggling, lonely alcoholic, the precocious, street-wise teenager, and the sexually-charged complication of a would-be girlfriend, Kyra, as their lives become intertwined.

Happy reading in 2021!!