A Writer’s Moment

I awoke early today, tugged my sleep mask up over my forehead, and reached over to my phone to check the time. It was 5:36–a time I’m willing to wake up to. I gave myself twenty minutes or so to lay awake while the Mad About You theme song once again kicked into high gear in my mind–I’m on day three of this ear worm.

I work so hard not to wake up my wife as I get out of bed early, but I invariably tap my phone against the glass top of my nightstand or shuffle something on top of my dresser as I blindly scan for my glasses. This morning, it was the phone. She stirred, rolled over and possibly resumed sleep.

I don’t head for my study to work until 8:00 am, so I began assessing how I would spend my bonus time. It must, of course, begin with coffee. I was out of my usual brand of ground Starbucks Breakfast Blend–the least conspicuous coffee next to Dunkin Donuts–a warm, earthy, balanced coffee. Not as boring as a Folgers or Cain’s, and warmer in tone. I would have to grind something fresh. Fortunately, I had a bag of some coffee beans roasted by a coworker for his startup company, Just Cracked–a distinctive Guji, Ethiopian blend.

As it brewed, I grabbed my personal laptop, an enormous 17 inch 2-in-1, from the study, flipped the switch to my gas log fireplace, and took a seat in my regular armchair next to the hearth, where one of my cats, Luna, would soon join me. I logged in and checked stats on this blog and on my new podcast, Seriously Serial Fiction. I only started the podcast this past weekend and it’s a slow start.

I have two and a half episodes written, one published on this site, so I decided to try to wrap up episode three to stay ahead of the serial game. I’d like to publish an episode a week.

It has been a good writing session. I didn’t write a lot (and I may write a little more), but it was enough to make me chuckle a bit to myself. The story continues to entertain, if only myself. I believe it will catch on soon. Everybody needs a little comic relief during their day.

I’m about halfway through a cup of Guji and Luna is perched on the right arm of the chair closest to the fire. I can hear my wife knocking about in bedroom. There she is! She says “Good morning! So you’ve been awake around five-ish?”

Oh well. So much for trying to be quiet.

I think I’ll brew her some decaf and join her! Have a wonderful day!