Playwriting gig

I’m so excited to partner with Big Dumb Buildings on a new project. These guys made a musical a few years ago, Spots and Stripes, that packed the house here in Norman, Oklahoma. I’m friends with one of the musicians in that group, Gregg Standridge (featured in The Oklahoma recently here). He read my book Whiff, and said he’d like to do a project with me…of what and when, he did not say. But last fall he shot me a story and some songs and asked if I would write the book for a new musical.

I thought it was an interesting concept, and I think Gregg is a brilliant musician and a very cool guy so I said yes, but that I’m very busy writing so it would need to wait a few months. Being the cool guy he is, he said, no problem.

In the meantime, he and his writing partner wrote a slew of solid gold songs for the show, and now I’m writing the script. I’m not ready to share a sneak peak, BUT, I’ll give you the blurb!

Big Dumb Buildings and David Wilson-Burns join forces to create an original Podcast Musical. 

E-Vatar is a sci-fi love story set in a near, but dark future where the pandemic has taken the world in an unexpected turn. The vaccine has failed. Humanity has become quarantined into complete isolation, and has turned to E-Vatar; a new social technology, which allows a person to enter and experience the virus-ridden outside world as a highly advanced, miniature androids. 

Taylen, a non-binary twenty-something, navigates the bizarre and obsessive world of E-Vatar society while attempting to retain their humanity and dignity. When romance sparks, Taylen faces unforeseen difficulties. 

Wilson-Burns weaves a rhythmically-driven script with the classic rock musical score of Standridge and Eads (Big Dumb Buildings) in a musical theatre, podcast, short series.

I’m excited to add another pro credit to my writing resume, but more importantly, I’m excited to work with two exceptional musicians with great creative vision, not to mention my very talented brother, John Burns who will be directing. Expect a show this Spring 2021. Go team E-Vatar!