E-Vatar Production Beginning!

In Playwriting Gig, I shared my news that the songwriters from Big Dumb Buildings had invited me to write the book for their new musical: E-Vatar. I’m happy to say that the Act I production is under way. Our talented cast is funneling in their tracks and BDB is beginning to piece them together for the first few episodes.

I’ve written 9 scenes which will give us enough for 3 or 4 podcasts to work with as I continue to write. The entire play will be 4 acts telling the story of a 20-something non-binary person who, with the aid of social robotic technology, is navigating relationships, career, and survival in a pandemic which has spiraled out of control.

Big Dumb Buildings has written 12 quite contagious songs and counting. One in particular, Terminal, the opening song, is running in a loop in my head. I’m building more around it and another fantastic song We Are Beautiful. You will be whistling these and other tunes when you leave your virtual theatre experience.

As episode 1 nears release, I will release a preview podcast for this one-of-a-kind music theatre experience!

Sneak Preview!!!!