As I near 6 years of sobriety, I am reflecting on the journey of this book

This book has had a long journey. It started as a flash fiction over a decade ago in a dark time. Gritty, raw, emotional, introspectiveI, I continued to write it as a series. It was very reflective of my battle with addiction and love of San Francisco…and a hint of a favorite show, Californication.

When I returned to it a few years later, sober, I saw an opportunity for a powerful human drama. A story of brokenness, unexpected friendship, redemption, love, and hope.

In some ways the story of James and Amy, the runaways, is timeless—an unlikely pair thrown together by difficult circumstances, but I have my own take. I have always loved the “broken” people of the world and looking for that path to wholeness.

I don’t know the next step in this book’s journey, but I hope it finds its way into the hands of more readers.