A Writer’s Moment – Early Morning Before the Trip

My laptop is freezing cold on my bare legs as I pop it open to write a little. I woke up around 4:45, excited about my family trip to Colorado to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation. The cats are up with me, perhaps still exploring our new apartment. I’m one cup of coffee down. We sold our house and are waiting to move into our new one. We will likely be in this apartment for another seven months.

In searching for strategies to gain more readers, I began a podcast featuring me reading my literary works Seriously Serial Fiction. I’ve been hesitant to record myself. I had a professional voice over actor produce Whiff by David Wilson-Burns | Audiobook | Audible.com as an audiobook. Peter Kuhn is truly wonderful. I was lucky to get him. I’ve never really cared for my own voice, but many writing blogs said that people like to hear the author’s voice so I gave it a shot.

I’ve become accustomed to it and even enjoy hearing myself. I’m getting better with producing these podcasts–using the technology, sometimes overlaying music, varying the content, voice acting. I’m selecting three more of my flash fiction works for Flash Fiction Part 2. Although, maybe I should start calling it Fictdoodles since that’s what my published volume of flash is called.

My podcast traffic is scarce but steadily rising. Once in awhile, I listen to it and find a small editing error. I fix them when I get around to it, but I’m not stressing over it. I don’t do this for a living and likely never will…at least not with that attitude.

My wife and I have not lived in an apartment since 1999. We married in 1994 and moved into student housing together. I remember that time very fondly. Box wine, watching Roseanne and Nick at Night, eating a dozen variations of ramen. Although she is not nuts about living here, I find it somewhat adventurous, perhaps romantic. I also like not having to do maintenance on a house.

Perhaps it inspired my recent choice to repierce my ear…the ear I had pierced in college after having attended an outdoor Doobie Brothers concert with my wife. She had talked me into it. This time, she tried to talk me out of it, but ultimately downshifted into saying “Your body, your choice, babe.” Somehow that seemed trite to apply to a middle-aged man getting his ear pierced at a Claire’s in the mall, just ahead of a nine-year-old girl…that’s a story worth telling, btw. Perhaps a new My Wife Says I’m Complicated.

I plan to write a few scenes of E-Vatar this week and will bring my Blue – Yeti (bluemic.com) to record a podcast or two. I’ve finally figured out how to get a better sound out of it. It’s not a bad little usb mic. Looks cool. But mainly, I will be exploring the Colorado Springs area and sharing meals—maybe a little Dungeons and Dragons in the evening.

My wife is awake now and moving around which means it’s time to finish packing and begin our journey. I have much to be grateful for today. Thanks for stopping in!