What’s Next?

I’ve written five out of the eight episodes of E-Vatar: A Musical for the Pandemic Age. The episodes are planned; I just need all the cool words to make it a play. But the work is winding down on that project for me. It’s up to the performers, musicians, director, and the sound engineer, now. So, what is next?

I have options. I was three episodes into a new fiction serial before the musical: A Friend of the Family. I have enjoyed that, and I’ve turned it into a nifty podcast on Seriously Serial Fiction.

I’m working on an audiobook version of A Whiff of Life and Death.

I was 58 pages into a novel about a journalist unraveling a dark secret in his hometown in the South.

I was 84 pages into a novel about a seventy-year-old woman finding a new life after her husband dies.

I have 6000 words or so of a dystopian, political thriller – Underground Tourist.

I have two other novels outlined. One about a group of old church camp buddies who reunite to discover that one of their childhood crew is in crisis. Another about a voice teacher who’s voice was destroyed in a fire early in his career who finds his voice in teaching a talented young mezzo soprano.

Or, I could just stop and promote my pandemic books since I was unable to promote. I have my first public appearance as an author in a few weeks. Perhaps some other appearances will follow.

I look forward to delving deep into something soon. I would love to produce another novel next year. Perhaps I’ll even try to get an agent and sell it. Could this next one be the one that takes me to the next level? That is impossible to say, but it will be something I am proud to sign my name to, and perhaps you will enjoy reading it one day.