Fly By Night

Daniel’s life was sinking fast, but soon he will be soaring.

Daniel is a 30-something computer programmer whose life has so far been a series of very fortunate events. His friends and family consider him to be lucky. To them, he just seems to sail through life. In fact, his nickname is “Lucky”. Well, Daniel’s luck is beginning to run out. His marriage is falling apart. His career is stalling. He can’t deal with his two children. He feels alone and depressed. Daniel is losing his way…that is, until he encounters a guide. This guide isn’t a therapist, a pastor, or a guru. In fact, Daniel’s not even sure if it is human. And soon, Daniel will have a night job and a new direction.

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Fly By Night – Chapter 2 – Part 2

Warning: Adult Content Ashley was floored. She hadn’t heard her husband drop the F-Bomb since college. “What!!?” Ashley broke into hysterical laughter until she saw that Daniel’s face was serious. “I mean, really? (giggle) Why did he call you a ratfucker, honey?” She was visibly holding back giggles. “I don’t know,” he said looking straight into his wife’s laughing …

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Fly By Night – Chapter 1: Part 3

home (warning: heavy profanity) Then his face softened and his eyes shifted from their hard glint to an almost tender gaze. He leaned forward. “You know that don’t you, Daniel?” suggested Collins softly. “You’re just like the rest of us poor slobs who get whiplash every time a nice piece of tail walks by.” He …

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