Bay City Runaway – Part 8

I walked home a little more briskly than usual, skipping McMillen’s again. I wanted to know how Amy’s day had been; see her safe in my apartment. When I arrived, I was relieved to find her sitting in my club chair, swirling brandy in one of my crystal snifters. On the living room table were …

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Gen-X Novelist

A common complaint among Gen-X is that we are an ignored generation. We are a generation of quietly innovative, successful, edgy, creative folks trying to pay off student debt while buying houses and putting our depressed kids through college....not that anyone cares. (voice dripping with bitter gen-x sarcasm) There used to be something called simply …

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Seriously Serial Fiction – Bay City Runaway Chapter 4

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As I near 6 years of sobriety, I am reflecting on the journey of this book

This book has had a long journey. It started as a flash fiction over a decade ago in a dark time. Gritty, raw, emotional, introspectiveI, I continued to write it as a series. It was very reflective of my battle with addiction and love of San Francisco…and a hint of a favorite show, Californication. When …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 7

As a child, people called me Lucky. I had an uncanny knack for finding money everywhere I went--quarters, dollar bills, fives, and, on three separate occasions, twenties--which drove my older brother Mike absolutely crazy.