A Writer’s Moment – Early Morning Before the Trip

My laptop is freezing cold on my bare legs as I pop it open to write a little. I woke up around 4:45, excited about my family trip to Colorado to celebrate my daughter's college graduation. The cats are up with me, perhaps still exploring our new apartment. I'm one cup of coffee down. We …

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Seriously Serial Fiction – Bay City Runaway Chapter 4

You can download podcasts here Seriously Serial Fiction (buzzsprout.com) or listen right here on my page. Be sure to catch up! I'd hate to you to miss something! https://seriouslyserialfiction.buzzsprout.com/1585180/8776424-bay-city-runaway-chapter-4

Playwriting gig

I'm so excited to partner with Big Dumb Buildings on a new project. These guys made a musical a few years ago, Spots and Stripes, that packed the house here in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm friends with one of the musicians in that group, Gregg Standridge (featured in The Oklahoma recently here). He read my book …

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Seriously Serial Fiction Podcast

I love audiobooks and web serials! I've made an audiobook for Whiff and have enjoyed that. I've been writing fiction in serial form for over a decade. What's the intersection here? The podcast! I know that a lot of you listen to podcasts. Perhaps you're interested in my writing, but you just can't get around …

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