Bay City Runaway – Part 6

home page My software project was a six-month contract and was mostly complete but overdue. Still, my manager had already lined up two more projects for me if I wanted them. It was good money, and it was as far away from Oklahoma as I could get without leaving the continental United States. After work, …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 5

I fell in and out of sleep that night, awaking to dreams of a former life. I dreamed that I was with Laura again. We were watching TV together. I could smell her perfume. I vaguely remember the nurse coming in to feed me another oxycodone. When I woke up the next morning, pale light …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 4

I woke up with a throbbing arm and a head that felt as if a brick had smacked it. I rang for the nurse. I examined my arm. It was braced in a sling and resting on my stomach. I touched my head with my free hand and found a bandage covering a rather large …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 1

(2007) I stepped outside my favorite pub near Union Square for a smoke, belly full of bangers and mash. I was used to the cold, damp fog of the Bay Area by then, and there was no shortage of it that night. I had just taken my first long, after dinner drag when a teenage …

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BCR Continues

Chapters 11 and 12 are up! Amy runs away and James seeks solace with Kyra. Then we're back to 1995 where James' new friend, Zach, deftly helps him navigate an important social tight wire act at Bijan's going away party. Will Laura be persuaded? I love seeing the likes and follows, but it's hard to …

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Excerpt from Bay City Runaway – Read by the Author

This is an audio excerpt from my latest novel, Bay City Runaway. James, a 35-year-old drunk running away from a tragic past in Oklahoma shelters a teenage runaway girl. They strike up an unlikely friendship.In this excerpt, James takes Amy to her first opera.