Playwriting gig

I'm so excited to partner with Big Dumb Buildings on a new project. These guys made a musical a few years ago, Spots and Stripes, that packed the house here in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm friends with one of the musicians in that group, Gregg Standridge (featured in The Oklahoma recently here). He read my book …

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A Writer’s Moment

I awoke early today, tugged my sleep mask up over my forehead, and reached over to my phone to check the time. It was 5:36--a time I'm willing to wake up to. I gave myself twenty minutes or so to lay awake while the Mad About You theme song once again kicked into high gear …

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Cutting Through the Crap to Become Better Writers

Although I'm having my first taste of traditional publishing success, I'vebeen at this writing thing for twenty years or so. I started by sharing littlevignettes with my family on paper, then my first serial (which I distributedvia email), then my first WordPress site shared via Twitter and Facebook, toWattpad (et al), to Kindle Direct Publishing, …

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What to expect from this site in 2021

For years, this site has been primarily a platform to advertise my publications and share an occasional blogpost, and I've used other sites to post actual literary content. But for 2021, I want to change that! I am moving my existing web serial/novel content to I sell much of my writing in traditional book …

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A Word About My Publisher: Kentstead Media

Earlier this year, the editor that helped me write my first book reached out to me out of the blue. She said the book, The Smell Collector, had stuck with her for years and had often wondered what had happened to it. I told her about my journey in self publishing and how I had …

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My Interview with Kentstead Media on “A Whiff of Life and Death”

We shot this in my parents backyard in Norman, Oklahoma---the hometown of the book--this summer. I talk about becoming a writer and about the book. A Whiff of Life and Death – Kentstead Media ( (9) Behind the Scenes with David Wilson-Burns - YouTube

BCR Continues

Chapters 11 and 12 are up! Amy runs away and James seeks solace with Kyra. Then we're back to 1995 where James' new friend, Zach, deftly helps him navigate an important social tight wire act at Bijan's going away party. Will Laura be persuaded? I love seeing the likes and follows, but it's hard to …

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My Interview on Hope Cast with Kentstead-Media! Watch my interview with Kentstead Media about life, writing, and (of course!) HOPE on this special Hope Cast! As a bonus, I take a crack at their jingle from my piano!

Balancing a Day Job with Writing a Book

Writers and would-be writers may dream of making a full-time career of writing, but that is becoming an increasingly rare option. Traditionally-published authors are not getting the kinds of advances they used to receive and independently published authors often spend more money than they make, so we must have day jobs to support ourselves and …

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