What’s Next?

I've written five out of the eight episodes of E-Vatar: A Musical for the Pandemic Age. The episodes are planned; I just need all the cool words to make it a play. But the work is winding down on that project for me. It's up to the performers, musicians, director, and the sound engineer, now. …

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A Writer’s Moment – Early Morning Before the Trip

My laptop is freezing cold on my bare legs as I pop it open to write a little. I woke up around 4:45, excited about my family trip to Colorado to celebrate my daughter's college graduation. The cats are up with me, perhaps still exploring our new apartment. I'm one cup of coffee down. We …

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A Writer’s Moment

I awoke early today, tugged my sleep mask up over my forehead, and reached over to my phone to check the time. It was 5:36--a time I'm willing to wake up to. I gave myself twenty minutes or so to lay awake while the Mad About You theme song once again kicked into high gear …

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Writing Year in Review – 2020

The number 2020 will go down as a year of infamy no doubt. Any good in this year will likely be overshadowed tough times, but I think it is important that we still find a way to be grateful and lift up the positive aspects of the year. Quarantine has brought out the creativity in …

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Cutting Through the Crap to Become Better Writers

Although I'm having my first taste of traditional publishing success, I'vebeen at this writing thing for twenty years or so. I started by sharing littlevignettes with my family on paper, then my first serial (which I distributedvia email), then my first WordPress site shared via Twitter and Facebook, toWattpad (et al), to Kindle Direct Publishing, …

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My Interview on Hope Cast with Kentstead-Media!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm1bBqcA2Zk Watch my interview with Kentstead Media about life, writing, and (of course!) HOPE on this special Hope Cast! As a bonus, I take a crack at their jingle from my piano!

Writing the Second Novel: What I’m Doing Differently

This month, I completed and published my first novel, Bay City Runaway, and last week I dusted off an older project and began writing it.  It's a different kind of novel--more of a mystery and perhaps less emotionally intense.  Bay City was rather dark and moody--like me sometimes. I constructed a scant three-act outline for …

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