Underground Tourist

Democracy is falling. Borders are closed. Tourism is limited to an elite few. Something’s gotta give.

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Underground Tourist – Part 3

home Robbie grabbed his sports coat and Melchior went back to his cube to grab his sleek, black bomber jacket.  They clocked out with their cards at the door and made their way to the parking garage. Melchior’s transport had technically been made by one of the big-name American carmakers, but the government had bailed …

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Underground Tourist – Part 2

Underground Tourist Home Robbie shook his head and said,”Second one this week. This is not right. Someone needs to do something about this. I don’t know what or who, but something needs to be done.” They ate in silence, as did the rest of the patrons, not knowing if one of them could be next. …

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Underground Tourist – Part 1

  “Hey, Mel. Can you take a look at the error in the ATM service layer?” said Robbie from the next cube. “It’s not a priority, just happened to notice it in the system logs.” “Sure, yeah. No problem. Message me the log.” said Melchior, chewing on the end of a ballpoint pen. He was …

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