Underground Tourist

Democracy is falling. Borders are closed. Tourism is limited to an elite few. Something’s gotta give.

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Underground Tourist – Part 6

home page “No first names?” Melchior considered this carefully, they were there as Johnson and Terrell.  He didn’t want to blow it so he wanted to play it safe, not knowing what the real Johnson and Terrell were named. “Not tonight, babe,” he said with a wink. “A man of mystery,” said the blonde, to …

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Underground Tourist – Part 5

“Your old fashioneds, gentlemen” said a beautiful East Asian woman in a silk cheongsam dress carrying a tray. She set their drinks in front of them on napkins, and then put a plate of steamed dumplings between them. “Chuck Wo’s famous spicy pork dumplings, courtesy of Chuck Wo himself.” “Why thank you, Miss–”, began Melchior. …

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Underground Tourist – Part 4

Underground Tourist Home “Hey, guys!” shouted Robbie trying to pull out his wallet, “We have our–” But it was too late.  They had hoods over their heads and were being muscled into the van. “What did we do?” Melchior shouted over the van engine, but there was no answer. “Goddamn it, Mel,” said Robbie, “I …

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Underground Tourist – Part 3

home Robbie grabbed his sports coat and Melchior went back to his cube to grab his sleek, black bomber jacket.  They clocked out with their cards at the door and made their way to the parking garage. Melchior’s transport had technically been made by one of the big-name American carmakers, but the government had bailed …

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