E-Vatar Production Beginning!

In Playwriting Gig, I shared my news that the songwriters from Big Dumb Buildings had invited me to write the book for their new musical: E-Vatar. I'm happy to say that the Act I production is under way. Our talented cast is funneling in their tracks and BDB is beginning to piece them together for …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 7

As a child, people called me Lucky. I had an uncanny knack for finding money everywhere I went--quarters, dollar bills, fives, and, on three separate occasions, twenties--which drove my older brother Mike absolutely crazy.

Underground Tourist – Part 6

home page “No first names?” Melchior considered this carefully, they were there as Johnson and Terrell.  He didn’t want to blow it so he wanted to play it safe, not knowing what the real Johnson and Terrell were named. “Not tonight, babe,” he said with a wink. “A man of mystery,” said the blonde, to …

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Fly By Night: Chapter 3 – Benchwarmer

home page Now, if you're feeling kinda low 'bout the dues you've been paying;Futures coming much too slow,And you wanna run but somehow you just keep on staying,Can't decide on which way to go.Yeah, yeah, yeah. I understand about indecision,But I don't care if I get behind.People living in competition;All I want is to have …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 6

home page My software project was a six-month contract and was mostly complete but overdue. Still, my manager had already lined up two more projects for me if I wanted them. It was good money, and it was as far away from Oklahoma as I could get without leaving the continental United States. After work, …

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Underground Tourist – Part 5

“Your old fashioneds, gentlemen” said a beautiful East Asian woman in a silk cheongsam dress carrying a tray. She set their drinks in front of them on napkins, and then put a plate of steamed dumplings between them. “Chuck Wo’s famous spicy pork dumplings, courtesy of Chuck Wo himself.” “Why thank you, Miss--”, began Melchior. …

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