Bay City Runaway – Part 8

I walked home a little more briskly than usual, skipping McMillen’s again. I wanted to know how Amy’s day had been; see her safe in my apartment. When I arrived, I was relieved to find her sitting in my club chair, swirling brandy in one of my crystal snifters. On the living room table were …

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Seriously Serial Fiction – Bay City Runaway Chapter 4

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Bay City Runaway – Part 7

As a child, people called me Lucky. I had an uncanny knack for finding money everywhere I went--quarters, dollar bills, fives, and, on three separate occasions, twenties--which drove my older brother Mike absolutely crazy.

Bay City Runaway – Part 6

home page My software project was a six-month contract and was mostly complete but overdue. Still, my manager had already lined up two more projects for me if I wanted them. It was good money, and it was as far away from Oklahoma as I could get without leaving the continental United States. After work, …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 5

I fell in and out of sleep that night, awaking to dreams of a former life. I dreamed that I was with Laura again. We were watching TV together. I could smell her perfume. I vaguely remember the nurse coming in to feed me another oxycodone. When I woke up the next morning, pale light …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 4

I woke up with a throbbing arm and a head that felt as if a brick had smacked it. I rang for the nurse. I examined my arm. It was braced in a sling and resting on my stomach. I touched my head with my free hand and found a bandage covering a rather large …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 3

Bay City Runaway Home The rain stirred the dormant smell of bum piss as we stepped onto the sidewalk. Neither one of us had an umbrella, but she didn’t seem to care, and neither did I. The water mixed with the dust on the sidewalk, creating a fine grit beneath our feet as we turned …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 2

Bay City Runaway Home As I let the steam from my freshly brewed coffee rise to my face, I wondered where she was and if I would see her again. We were both running away from cruel hands; hers dealt with a blow to the face and mine dealt by tragic fate. That evening, I …

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