Bay City Runaway – Part 10

start at the beginning When I had a moment to myself at work, I pulled up the San Francisco Opera website. They would perform La Boheme that evening, and I meant to buy tickets for Amy and myself, the good seats, not the nosebleeds I usually sat in. I wanted this to be a special …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 9

Start from the beginning We had fallen into a routine of morning coffee and newspaper. I no longer questioned her presence in my apartment and my life. She was a part of my existence now. She was filling a piece of a large hole in my life. What piece, I did not know. I heard …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 8

I walked home a little more briskly than usual, skipping McMillen’s again. I wanted to know how Amy’s day had been; see her safe in my apartment. When I arrived, I was relieved to find her sitting in my club chair, swirling brandy in one of my crystal snifters. On the living room table were …

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Seriously Serial Fiction – Bay City Runaway Chapter 4

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Bay City Runaway – Part 7

As a child, people called me Lucky. I had an uncanny knack for finding money everywhere I went--quarters, dollar bills, fives, and, on three separate occasions, twenties--which drove my older brother Mike absolutely crazy.

Bay City Runaway – Part 6

home page My software project was a six-month contract and was mostly complete but overdue. Still, my manager had already lined up two more projects for me if I wanted them. It was good money, and it was as far away from Oklahoma as I could get without leaving the continental United States. After work, …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 5

I fell in and out of sleep that night, awaking to dreams of a former life. I dreamed that I was with Laura again. We were watching TV together. I could smell her perfume. I vaguely remember the nurse coming in to feed me another oxycodone. When I woke up the next morning, pale light …

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Bay City Runaway – Part 4

I woke up with a throbbing arm and a head that felt as if a brick had smacked it. I rang for the nurse. I examined my arm. It was braced in a sling and resting on my stomach. I touched my head with my free hand and found a bandage covering a rather large …

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